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About Us

A longhouse is a traditional, residential dwelling built by Indigenous peoples across North America that served as the communal dwelling for several generations of an extended family.  

We named our firm Longhouse because it symbolizes our mission to bring people together to make a positive impact on the community. Our team at Longhouse brings the unique experience and understanding of the Indigenous communities together with extensive capital markets expertise.   



At Longhouse our mission is to generate superior risk-adjusted returns for investors and make a positive impact on Indigenous communities. LCP will accomplish this mission as a reliable source of capital and advisory services for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous businesses. 

As an Indigenous founded, owned and led asset manager and strategic advisory firm, we are committed to increasing Indigenous financial literacy through our scholarship, internship and mentorship programs, which are being developed to help break the cycle limiting Indigenous participation in business and finance careers. Moreover, LCP’s collaboration with First Nations and umbrella organizations allow our Indigenous partners to participate in LCP’s activities and success. 

LCP’s professional Advisory and Investment teams are uniquely positioned to connect Indigenous communities with trusted financial and business partners.

The 5-5-5 pledge

5 per cent of founders’ shares and 5 per cent of the fund manager’s carried interest in its investments gifted to First Nations, while 5 per cent of employee’s time will be used for internships and mentorship programs to build financial skills capacity for Indigenous youth. This program will grow as additional First Nation and umbrella organizations join Longhouse as partners.



This logo is inspired by the longhouse, a traditional dwelling, used notably by the Huron-Wendat people. 

It sits as at the top, providing shelter for all things below.  The great turtle head represents family ties and the turtle island story.   Within it is an individual raising their hands to the Creator, prospering and dancing.  Carrying them all the wings of the sacred eagle, which represents love and security.